My political party

At the height of the recent Queensland state election, a politically-engaged friend & I were discussing the apparent dearth of voting options: according to ABC’s Vote Compass tool, no major parties fell within the quadrant in which I found myself pegged. Passing off his suggestion of me starting my own political party with a revolver-to-the-head emoji combo, I wasn’t expecting his reply. “What would you call it?”
Despite my avid observation of politics & political sport, the idea that I might start my own political party is as plausible as The Greens voting in favour of lower taxes. However, those five words have distracted my consciousness on a semi-regular basis ever since. What would I call it? I have no idea; but I do have an idea about the kind of world in which I want to engage…
I want to live in a world of both/and… an expanding world; a world of order.
A world where free speech finds vigorous defence, offence is taken slowly, & slower still our urge to hastily opine.
Where children are loved and valued, no more at the expense of mastering critical qualities such as risk management, bravery, resilience, and responsibility.
Where business is esteemed for the risks it takes & the opportunities it provides, yet workers are valued as integral to successful operation.
Where leaders compel by example and retain their fortitude with gracious empathy, and great leaders are encouraged to emerge because the citizens honour those in authority over them.
Where sense is returned its currently-stolen “common”, whilst courting the capacity for extraordinary thought.
Where individual achievement is celebrated instead of benchmarked mediocrity, still not at the expense of community.
Where marriages are built up & strengthened, without tearing down individuals who stand beyond the scope of our myriad of variations on the word “normal”.
Where women & minorities pursue equal rights without promoting the degradation of those of different colour or creed.
Where we are able to express empathy and sorrow, yet not be paralyzed by victimhood.
Where passionate expression of differing opinion is welcomed, void of sanctimony.
Where truth and compassion coexist.
Where grace toward our fellow man is less precarious than a snowman in summer.
Where pragmatism is alive, yet kindness & a sense of humanity is not sacrificed on the altar of being right.
Where everyone knows they belong.
So, what would I call this party that I’m not starting? “The Future Party” perhaps… because with eternity set in my heart, the country I long for is impossibly difficult to achieve; it’s a better one – a perfect one – a heavenly one. I am a foreigner and stranger on this earth, with my eyes set on things above & not on earthly things.
We are called to a life of love: of God, our brother, our neighbour, even the unlovable… and I’ve found it’s remarkably easier to focus on loving others when you’re not constantly arguing with them.

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